The Greatest Fight in Undertale

Minor spoilers for Undertale.

There are so many delightful fights in Undertale that shake up the traditional RPG system that has defined the genre for decades. Undertale makes each fight a story. It takes each fight as an opportunity to create a meaningful character. The greatest fight in Undertale isn’t the last one. It isn’t the one where major characters can die or where the fate of the underworld is determined. The greatest fight in Undertale is actually a love story.

There are two knights, members of the Royal Guard. Both of them are the same shape and size wearing the same armour. Guard number one talks like a stereotypical bro. He says stuff like “We, like, totally have to kill you bro” and “bro, are you thinking what I’m thinking?” Guard number one is an instantly recognizable, very familiar personality. He’s the jock in my high school who wore khakis, loafers and had long hair he put back under his hockey hat. Little is known about guard number two, he doesn’t say anything before the fight. During the fight I learned a lot about guard number one, a lot I wasn’t expecting. I’ve decided to present this fight in screenshots. Here is the story of guard number one and guard number two.

bro 1

bro 2

By rubbing the heat protection off of guard number two’s armour it forced him to take it off to avoid overheating. This caused guard number one to panic…

bro 3

bro 4

bro 5


bro 7

bro 8

bro 9

bro 10

bro 11

bro 12

bro 13

bro 14

bro 15

bro 16

bro 17

bro 18

bro 19

bro 20

bro 21


The End ♥

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