Best Studios & Publishers on Snapchat

Cover art used pixel controllers by Amaniness.

Snapchat is a marvellous app. Letting friends and family share pictures and videos of what’s going on then and there in their lives is why it appeals to so many. But Snapchat has been adopted by several big name video game studios and publishers in recent months. These studios share behind the scenes looks at their team, their games and their offices. Fans of video games love learning about the people who make them and some fans are fascinated and enamoured with the behind-the-scenes of game design and development. They want to know the people and want to see the work that goes into their favourite titles. Snapchat provides an excellent opportunity to get that perspective into games that can’t be found anywhere else. So here are some of the best studios and publishers to follow on Snapchat!

Devolver Digital (devolverdigital)img_7644

Publisher of several marquee indie games like Downwell, Enter the Gungeon and Titan Souls, Devolver Digital is one of the most unique and innovative publishers in the industry. Their Snapchat content includes behind the scenes of their offices and a sneak peek at some of the games that they’re publishing soon. They also often show fans their booths at the various conventions they attend. Plus lots of pics of the team eating!

Gearbox Software (gearboxsoftware)img_7645

Gearbox is famous for the Borderlands franchise and their less than popular MOBA Battleborn. Gearbox’s Snapchat showcases their gorgeous offices and goes in depth behind the scenes with what their employees do on a day to day basis. Their story also follows Gearbox around to the various conventions they attend to showcase all of the incredible cosplayers who love Gearbox and their games.

Naughty Dog (naughtydoggames)img_7647

Undoubtedly one of the most prestigious studios in the industry, Naughty Dog is hot off the release of Uncharted 4 and uses Snapchat to detail the various multiplayer updates that come to the game fairly frequently. They will most likely use Snapchat as another means of teasing upcoming titles (like a sequel to The Last of Us) so be sure to follow along for more exciting things!

PlayStation (playstation)img_7648

PlayStation is one of my favourite video game related stories on Snapchat. They frequently highlight upcoming games hitting the PS4 and PlayStation Vita, show off their offices and where their PR team is travelling as well as do extravagant reveal stories like they recently did for Infinite Warfare‘s zombie mode. There’s a lot of content for the PlayStation faithful who love to learn more about the ongoings of one of the biggest gaming companies.

Xbox (xbox)img_7649

Xbox is constantly giving away game keys on their Snapchat for AAA titles like Gears of War, Quantum Break, Forza Horizon 3 and many others. They have huge stories from various cons around the world and are always a treat to watch. They are at events in Australia, Europe, all over the US and they’re constantly showcasing the latest and greatest from Xbox.

Santa Monica Studio img_7650(sonysantamonica)

Creators of God of War and publisher of several delightful indies like Sound Shapes and Bound, Sony Santa Monica loves to show off the fun shenanigans their studio gets up to as well as highlight great cosplay and fanart from their amazing community. They usually have great shots from around their offices and show their team working on their many upcoming projects.

That’s all for now! Thanks for reading and be sure to let us know if there’s a studio or publisher we missed!

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