Everything Wrong with Dunkey

UPDATE 08/11/2018:

Look, this article doesn’t reflect what I believe anymore. It was written in an evening more as a compilation of talking points for a conversation I was having with my roommate, and then blew up afterwards when he posted it to the official Dunkey subreddit.

To see where I stand today please read my new post About my Dunkey Article…

I’m not going to delete this post because I think it’s important for posterity at least, and so I can look back in a couple years for a good dose of embarrassment. Anyways, here it remains.


Trigger Warning: This article contains sexism, racism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, mentions (with links to depictions) of physical and sexual abuse, mentions of paedophilia, many slurs.

There’s a YouTuber named Dunkey who’s quite popular, with 3.4 million subscribers and millions of views within days of each new video. He’s famous in the video game community for his brutal takedowns of bad games and his genuine adoration for others. However there’s a thread through his content over the years that anyone who’s tried to honestly critique the video game community can clearly recognize as typical “Gamer” shittiness. Dunkey uses homophobic, ableist, racist and sexist slurs in his videos. He thinks it’s hilarious to beat and murder women in his videos and often screams sexist pejoratives while doing so. As of this writing, he’s never apologized for any of it and continues to make money off it.

Anyone who supports Dunkey needs to know that they’re supporting a man who’s said such horrible things as “big tits bimbo” in reference to Elizabeth from BioShock Infinite and told Dora the Explorer to “suck my dick” (which is in fact paedophilia). Let’s break down everything wrong with Dunkey into categories:

Violence Against Women

Dunkey has repeatedly released videos in which he finds it hilarious to beat and murder female characters in the games he plays. Dunkey reinforces the dangerous misconception that women are less than human, that they’re objects existing for the enjoyment of men. Here’s just a sample:

  • Murders woman (Source)
  • Beats woman (Source)
  • Beats more women (Source)
  • Punches woman until she falls over, calls her “tramp” (Source)
  • Beats more women (Source)
  • Shows brutal slitting of woman’s throat (Source)
  • Objectifies women, then murders them (Source)
  • Calls woman “dumb b*tch”, then kills her (Source)
  • Kills woman (Source)
  • Beats another woman (Source)
  • Beats two more women (Source)
  • Kills another woman, calls her “b*tch” (Source)
  • Murders cowering woman, ogles her naked dead corpse (Source)

It’s like a montage of how many different ways you can be a sexist piece of shit on YouTube, but there’s more.


Dunkey is white. So it’s pretty unbelievable when in his rap video for Red Dead Redemption he repeatedly uses the n-word and other racist slurs (Source). In a karaoke section of one video game, Dunkey purposefully mocks the Japanese song, singing gibberish (Source). In another video for Sleeping Dogs, a video game set in Hong Kong, Dunkey walks up to some Asian women in a market and flatly states, “All you Asian people look the same to me” (Source).


Blatant Misogyny

Dunkey almost exclusively calls women “B*tch” in his videos, often times before or after abusing or murdering them which he believes to be funny. But there’s nothing funny about what he’s doing. He does it so often I gave up trying to sort through it all and resigned to the fact it’s an integral part of his content. Take a listen:

  • Calls Fat Princess “That b*tch” (Source)
  • Calls another woman “stupid fucking b*tch” (Source)
  • Says “fuck a lot of wh*res” (Source) and again (Source)
  • Says “Shut up dumb b*tch” (Source) and “shut the fuck up you stupid b*tch” (Source)
  • Says “I’m gonna go fuck a wh*re” (Source)
  • Says “I found this black b*tch and she’s got bigger tits” (Source)
  • Calls character “This b*tch” (Source)
  • Calls Elizabeth from BioShock Infinite “big tits bimbo” (Source)
  • Calls Elizabeth “dumb b*tch” (Source)
  • Still thinks it’s funny to objectify women (Source)
  • Calls the main character a “prostitute” (Source)
  • Says “make your b*tches booty drop” (Source)
  • Screams “b*tches” at female characters (Source)
  • Calls woman “dumb b*tch” and shoots her (Source)
  • Plays Dora game, calls her a “pussy” (Source)
  • Tells Dora to “suck my dick” which would be paedophilia (Source)
  • Says “Got a lot of wh*res” (Source)
  • Raps “b*tches leaving chores cause they think they got an ass, I’ll escort these hoes out and say I’m taking out the trash “ (Source)
  • Calls woman “vile, dirt, filth wh*re… all used up and disgusting“ (Source)
  • On a select your gender screen he picked male and said “Select your difficulty? I pick hard” insinuating being a woman is easier (Source)

He also used a sexualized woman in a thumbnail, using a gay slur because of course he did:


This feeds into the next issue with Dunkey’s content.


Dunkey has also used gay slurs in his content. In a video for the N64 game Glover Dunkey refers to one of the enemies as a “f*ggot” (Source). In another video for Max Payne 3, Dunkey was commenting on the game’s music, stating it’s “so awesome that you could just be doing the gayest shit” and then plays the game music over video of him cracking an egg (Source). He’s insinuating that cooking is a gay thing I guess? The point is that he has no problem using homophobic slurs and demonstrates a complete disregard and disdain for LGBT folks. In another video for the multiplayer game Blackwater, he includes one of his friends saying “It’s not gay if you’re at sea for several days” confirming that not only is Dunkey homophobic but so are his friends (Source).


Dunkey is also no stranger to using slurs against those with learning disabilities. He uses the word “retarded” as a pejorative here, here, here and here. I found counts of Dunkey’s disregard and insults for those with learning disabilities from 2012 to a couple months ago. He really sees no issue with what he’s doing.

Getting Banned from League of Legends

In 2015 Dunkey was banned from League of Legends for saying:


He goes on to say in his video that “I can understand being banned for cheating or going afk or feeding on purpose but talking shit to some guy that is a total dumbass? What is this? Fucking pussy-ass baby preschool time?” (Source). This clearly indicates Dunkey has no understanding of how words can affect people and how utterly oblivious he is to the notion of other player’s feelings. It’s clear to the viewer that this whole whiny video is just a result of Dunkey’s feelings being hurt and instead of reflecting on what behaviour led to his situation he chooses to blame Riot Games for failing to appreciate him. He believes he is more important than the other players and exceptions should be made for him because he’s a YouTuber.

The whole video is essentially Dunkey throwing a tantrum, it’s disgusting and embarrassing. With this perspective, it’s no wonder that Dunkey can say such horrendous things about women and minorities without any guilt or regard for how his words might affect them. He is a callous, conceited man whose arrogance really is what’s making the video game community such a toxic, uninviting place.


Dunkey has made transphobic remarks more than once over the years. He referred to Elizabeth from BioShock Infinite as “Urkel with tits” (Source) purposefully misgendering her. In another video, Dunkey refers to Nicki Minaj as Jay Z’s husband “Nick Garage” also purposefully misgendering her (Source). Dunkey believes that misgendering women is some hilarious insult when in fact it’s grossly transphobic.

The Team Siren Mockery

One of Dunkey’s most famous videos is one in which he mocks the first all-female League of Legends team, named Team Siren. He falsely paints them as man-hating, unintelligible whiny girls, which if you watch the original video couldn’t be farther from the truth. What Team Siren was trying to do with their formation and their announcement video was show the world that there’s room in the eSports scene for women to compete. And yeah it used dubstep and some flashy transitions but that’s just eSports, you can’t single out Team Siren for these things.


But Dunkey couldn’t let that be and he thought it’d be best to create another video mocking them which he titled “Dead Serious Girl Gamers” because of course he fucking did how dare women try to get into games. He broke down each aspect of the trailer with his own voice over, imitating each woman in a mocking, whiny voice and teasing them. It’s frustrating to watch considering how discouraging it already is for many women to get into games without shitheads like Dunkey treating tearing them down just for doing so.

The “Guide to Girls”

One of the most egregious videos Dunkey has made, and one of the ones that launched his career, is a video entitled “League of Legends : Guide to Girls” Dunkey states that about 95% of his viewers are male, so he’s going to tell them how to pick up girls in League. But before that he goes through some comments from viewers saying they’re women, calling one a “stuck-up b*tch” (Source). He then proceeds to tell the presumed male viewer that you need to identify which people in your lobby are playing as female heroes, those are your most likely “targets.” He says you should make sure you let those heroes kill you because “girls like it when you let them win” (Source), implying that female players can’t play on male player’s level.


He then proceeds to say “but you also have to show them that you don’t take shit from them, from that stupid b*tch that I’m the man in this relationship!” (Source). He then goes around targeting all the female heroes, claiming he’s “sending them to hell” and that no one else can kill them screaming “she’s mine! That’s my woman!” (Source).

He released a follow-up video called “Guide to Girls 2” in which he claims “I’ve become the forthright authority on League of Legends women” and that he’s talked to “all 150 girls in League” during which he flashes up a card with “Actual (boobs + vagina)” written on it (Source). This only further illustrates Dunkey’s sexism and transphobia, reducing them to their sex appeal and genitalia. He refers to the women who play League of Legends as “stupid bimbos” and for the rest of the video he goes on about the different types of “b*tches” you’ll encounter and how to course them.

Don’t Support Him

I want to close out by just saying that supporting Dunkey is supporting sexism, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, racism, ableism and a toxic gaming community. Dunkey represents much of what’s wrong with the video game community and why it’s so shitty and abusive towards anyone who is not a straight, white male. While people will try to defend him, saying he doesn’t demonstrate these beliefs in every single video, it shouldn’t matter because the fact he demonstrates these beliefs at all is reason enough to end your support. And some may even say that just because he makes these “jokes” doesn’t mean he believes them, which a) if he’s making the jokes he believes they’re funny and b) when you have an audience of millions it doesn’t matter if you believe it because you are normalizing that kind of behaviour.

If you look at the patterns of behaviour over the years it’s impossible to deny this is a really shitty guy. He rose to fame off of sexist content, and while he may not murder a woman in every video he carries all of that misogyny with him in all his work. If you read through all of this and are still okay with supporting him then you’re just as bad as he is. I implore anyone still reading to look for new artists to support who don’t use their platform to say and do such horrible things to already victimized and vulnerable people.

People who’ve worked with Dunkey (to avoid): cr1tikal, Sky Williams, Dyrus, LeahBee
Alternative YouTubers with great content: Polygon, Feminist Frequency, Pockets Full of Soup


  1. This is one of the most ignorant, pretentious, and unequivocally brain dead articles I think I have ever-read in my life. Jokes have to be at the expense of something in order to to be classified as comedy. Even the most liberal, progressive, and forward thinking people would firmly disagree about your positioning on Gastrow. Ur dense.


    1. Hey thanks for reading 🙂 I disagree with your definition of comedy, anything that makes people laugh or amuse someone can be comedic, it doesn’t have to be at the expense of something. And I’m the same density as every other human being: 985 kg/m³. See? Classic comedy.


      1. It’s depressing that your motive is actually to make everyone feel safe and okay, and yet you’re just so irreparably naive that you actually will attack people for jokes. Jokes. It’s hard to hate you as much as I hate people who make a similarly detrimental impact on the world with idiocy, though. You do, somewhere in there, beyond all of this pain you and those similar inflict on the world, want the best for people.

        Have you ever taken into consideration that this blatant extremism is actually starting to become a form of discrimination of its own? Nobody feels safe anymore because of this abhorrent ideology you people sling about, high above your heads.

        Do you know why these people hate you?

      2. You know how fucking retarded you are? You libtard scum shitface “ dunkey has no idea of how his words effect on people” omg you’re a pussy words are something that comes outta someone’s mouth, grow sum nuts lose the vagina you’re a man. you fucked with wrong fan base dumbas

      3. Also your joke fucking sucks nobody fucking likes you, maybe a feminist does but they don’t count

  2. This article is ridiculously stupid. Like Dunkey isn’t trying to offend anyone, you are just a salty baby. So what if he kills a woman in a video game (its a video game, not real) and everything “offensive” he says is said in a comedic way not a hateful way.


    1. Most of the time it’s not in a hateful way, although his “Girl Gamers” video might be. But it doesn’t matter if it’s hateful when he makes it, what matters is that his content reinforces stereotypes and tropes that hurt people already being pushed out of games by the toxic community.


      1. No it doesn’t. It’s a VIDEO GAME. A REALITY THAT DOESNT EXIST, get over your baby feelings. Or face the onslaught of people who find you absolutely idiotic and frankly… sounds a little jealous considering your a game developer. Did someone give poor thoughts on one of your games perhaps?…

  3. Dude, i’m not trying to be a dick or anything. I don’t have anything againt you or anything.

    But goddamn, aren’t you able to see that dunkey does this to purposelly trigger people like you?

    He embodies everything thats bad about the community ON PURPOSE, he is making fun of how ignorant, sexist , and an overall dick he is. Every single slur, every single insult or ignorant comment he does is written and premeditated for comedic purposes.

    Comedy needs to be at expenses of somebody, it’s the very definition of comedy itself (Comedy=Tragedy + Time)
    In this case Dunkey makes fun both of himself as a character, and of people like you that rage at him.

    He created a character, and you fell for it. Congrats, you became the classic Tumblr sterotype everyone laughs at on the internet.


    1. thanks for reaeding John! If you’ll read the referenced article at the top in the update this article doesn’t entirely reflect how I feel anymore.

      Per your points, if Duneky is trying to satirize toxic gaming culture (which I can’t find confirmation anywhere he is, but if you have any I’d love to see it) then he’s doing it pretty badly. Anyone stumbling onto him on YouTube could take him seriously, if satire is indistinguishable from the source material you haven’t made satire you’ve just made more of the source material.

      That’s just my thought anyway, thanks again for reading!


      1. Literally get over yourself. If you don’t like it start your own channel instead of trying to gain fame off others?….you are such a loser

    2. Holy shit, this retard must actually be autistic. The vids he pointed out are some of the most blatant parody I’ve ever seen, but “dunkey said a naughty word and that hurts my precious little feel-feels”. I hope this dude dies of an estrogen overdose; by the sound of it his levels are already dangerously high


    3. The instant back-pedaling was hilarious. Hey OP, it’s embarrassing that you were once paid for writing garbage like this. Just wanted to remind you that everyone here thinks you’re a loser. I’m sure you have alerts set up so you can jerk yourself off whenever anyone says something non-negative.


  4. You know, I don’t actually enjoy Dunkey’s more offensive videos (most of the ones listed, for the listed reasons), but I also think this article is sorely lacking in context.

    You list many times when Dunkey has gone to the extreme with his comedy and use it to say that he is sexist/ableist/homophobic, while seemingly both ignoring all the times he does it towards other groups and missing some of the satire/comedy. I’ll list a few examples of what I mean:

    1. In one of your examples (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pu6ixyJ_Y-0&feature=youtu.be&t=2m33s), you show how he just randomly kills a woman and this is used as proof that he’s sexist. Do I find this funny? No. But is it sexist? Not really. Not only does he do this frequently to male characters, he does it in this same video (at the 2 minute mark) where he murders two random guys.

    2. Another is when you showcase him getting his male Sim to beat up other female Sims (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VTAoTeUpKnI&feature=youtu.be&t=4m1s). However elsewhere in this video he burns a male Sim to death – it’s not so much that these types of videos are horrible/sexist towards women, they’re just horrible towards everyone (often to an absurd extent).

    3. As an example of missing the joke, you say that him saying “all you Asian people look the same to me” is racist, but it’s a joke based on how they’re all using the same character model and literally look the same.

    4. And a final example, the Grand Theft Auto video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a-5uEbrQR3s&feature=youtu.be&t=53s), where he goes into a nightclub, watches the strippers, and then murders everyone inside. Again I don’t really like this type of content, but pointing this out as an example of misogyny is disingenuous to me, as Dunkey precedes this clip with murdering a bunch of men, and then afterwards murders a bunch more men.

    To conclude, I think that if many of the things you take issue with had happened to men you wouldn’t have any issues with them.

    I’d also like to note that in at least one of your listed items (perhaps more, I haven’t looked through all of them) your description of events is wrong. For this video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a-5uEbrQR3s&feature=youtu.be&t=5m3s) you said that Dunkey called a group of women bitches, but it’s actually a group of men.

    Thank you for your time.


    1. Hey thanks for reading! If you check out the link I’ve updated at the top of this post it doesn’t really represent my views anymore, but thank you for taking the time to read and leave such comprehensive feedback.


    2. It’s pathetic. “Hey see my update” in response to your long and thought out post and their update in almost no way addresses your post. Fucking Christ. Trumpism at it’s finest. Their more recent articles are just disgusting bait.


  5. You are probably the most stuck up person I have ever met. Your really calling someone sexist for killing a fucking sims 3 character. What the fuck. How much of a bitch can you be.


    1. Hey John thanks for reading 🙂 It’s not the action in particular I’m saying is sexist, it’s the context within which he’s doing it.

      Also if this comment section is any indication I’d say I’m a massive bitch, so thanks 🙂


      1. rofl that’s the exact issue with your examples

        there is no context regarding any sexism in your examples (the first 2 at least, i couldn’t bare to look at the rest of them)

  6. Bro it’s funny as shit and if you think he’s really sexist and shit and not kidding you probably grew up with 2 gay Dads that teach philosophy and I fucking hate you you gay slut whore big tits bimbo he’s fucking joking you ass also if you are joking then
    1) disregard everything I just said
    2)this is pretty convincing and actually annoying because it just pisses me off cuz I think you are serious


    1. Hey bro, I my parents aren’t gay but my mom has taught philosophy so that might’ve contributed to my desire to look at content I enjoy beyond a superficial layer and try to ciritque and analyze it. You should give it a try sometime!


      1. And I assume you know everything right in the world?… you are the voice of reason for all of us? There are child predators in the world and you choose to attack a YouTuber for making silly jokes in a video?… you are such a emotional mess dude

  7. This is the only example of virtue signalling I’ve ever found that legitimately upset me, and I want to tell you why.
    I discovered dunkey while I was recovering from surgery, and his videos really helped me.
    For me, the funniest thing about dunkey is the exaggerated emotion. The way he has a complete meltdown when he loses, and is filled with absolute euphoria when he wins.
    It’s pure camp, and really helped see the absurdity of my situation (crippled and filled with impotent rage) in a more humorous light.
    For you to take something that helped me survive the darkest moment of my life and reduce it to clickbaity point scoring is just disgusting. You can hide behind “I don’t feel that way now tho”, but the damage is done.
    Next time you wanna speak truth to power, try going after someone with actual power


    1. hey thanks for reading 🙂 I’m glad Dunkey was able to help you through a dark time in your life. I’d caution that just because you’re emotionally connected to someone doesn’t mean they’re irreproachable and shouldn’t be criticized.

      Also you’re a little naive if you don’t think a cultural icon with over 5.3 million followers doesn’t have any power…


  8. Hahahahaha wow that was a boring article. Just say you’re jealous of the dunkey and you’re very insecure at least then you might be able work on you’re issues by acknowledging them. Seacrest out!


  9. Welcome to the salt mines! Grab a helmet and a shovel …and of course don’t forget bad spelling and maybe glasses since we’re up for a magic trip through the comment section and article.


  10. Hey Stephan, I just wanted you to know that I don’t think you should kill yourself, and I think you make some valid points in both this article and your more recent update. I’ve watched a lot of Dunkey’s videos and I’ve personally found quite a bit of his content really funny, but I’m a garbage human being with a really twisted and fucked up sense of humor so me finding him funny is probably not a great sign. In seriousness, some stuff about his content really doesn’t sit well with me, even though I really do want to like him, and that kinda sucks. Sorry that some people took your article about how gamer culture can normalize abusive language and used it as an excuse to direct a bunch of abusive language at you. Us gamers really are good at being ignorant assholes sometimes. Keep your head up!


    1. Hey Phil, thanks for reading and for your advice ❤️ I wasn’t planning on killing myself anytime soon so it’s good to hear some people agree lol

      It is a little ironic that an article about how abusive gamers should rethink their actions resulted in a bunch more gamers being abusive but c’est la vie. I appreciate your comment a lot it makes me hopeful that there’s room for a discussion around these issues. Cheers!


  11. so many of these examples are taken out of context.

    and dunkey is one of the most genuine people you can meet if u actually paid attention to the good parts of his videos you could maybe tell.

    there really isn’t an argument here, its just you being sensitive to something that’s obviously supposed to be taken as a joke.

    fucking pussy


    1. There’s literally not a single valid point made in this article, he just spewed ignorant bullshit and took things out of context to make dunkey look bad. You’re a fucking idiot just like the guy who posted this. Hope his videos continue to trigger you, sensitive little bitch.


  12. this isnt so much a critique as a confession on your part that you have no sense of context or understanding of nuance and take words at face value always and think that that gives you the moral high ground to claim that its hateful when even the softest of softies would understand and not be offended about it in the context of the video. your amendment doesn’t really do much in the way of excusing the way you take every “talking point” (lol) out of context for the sake of pearl clutching and virtue signalling. there are people on youtube that actually spout hateful rhetoric, maybe write stink pieces on them instead. oh but thats not controversial enough huh.


  13. Stephan, I think you’re trying to do the right thing here and aren’t being self righteous. You’re absolutely right about how much the gaming community sucks but as an actual piece written by a freelance writer, this is bad. I’m a left-wing, liberal politics student – and while I appreciate you’ve tried to evidence the source of each point you’ve made, your argument stinks. Gastrow embodies the toxicity of the gaming community as ironic comedy; he is using satire. If your argument is seriously that this satire is indistinguishable from actual toxicity then this really is shockingly unintelligent. This type of blind criticism to bring down others is exactly what makes folks ridicule us liberal minded people. You’re either desperate to attack someone else in order to paint yourself as some kind of social justice hero, haven’t a shred of a sense of humour, somehow innocently missed the entire premise of Gastrow’s videos or you’re an imbecile who couldn’t detect sarcasm if it hit you with a slightly offensive yet satirical spin move. I’d personally like to believe it’s the penultimate one. Everyone’s got to be the butt of a joke once in while Stephan, but keep your head up – some of the comments on here just reinforce your point about toxicity in the gaming world fantastically.


      1. And yet you’d allow Jake Paul? You are so stupid. You dumb FortNite communist. You control all these comments don’t you? Move to China you socialist pig. Starve because your ideals would rather bigot others with slander rather defining change in society and providing evident reason for progress. You are the epitome of everything trash in America. Too all dumbass liberals… words don’t hurt you little bitches.

  14. Sounds to me like you’re whining about comedy, which regardless of what you deem “offensive” is meant to push societal norms and boundaries in order to get us to laugh at ourselves. Hell you can argue almost every youtuber/content creator has made a joke or two that has been deemed incredibly “offensive and bigoted”. You probably are also in the group calling Dave Chapelle an Uncle Tom for making jokes about his own race and people. I don’t mean to disrespect but a youtuber is towards the bottom of people you should be worried about what they believe in.


    1. YouTubers have audiences of millions, often young and impressionable viewers. I think we should be quite worried about what they’re doing and normalizing, and critique them accordingly.

      Thanks for you feedback Darnell, I hope you’ll read my follow up piece I linked at the top.


      1. I think you should serisouly shut the fuck up and use a Brian of yours. I’m more toxic then Dunkey and I’m on your pathetic liberal page boasting your ignorant delusional ramblings. You are by far the dumbest woman I’ve ever found on the internet. Seriously. I wish you would do something really stupid to yourself that cause you immense pain and struggle.

      2. ur a shithead stephan

        ur not even a real liberal u just want to bring other people down and feel higher than them

      3. Oh no, think of the children! We both know that’s a logical fallatio. Just like when you and I partook in some fellatio down at the sauna last week.

  15. You got your minute of fame, that’s the only thing people will ever read on your blog enjoy


  16. You’re a fuckin twat for making this article. It’s all towards video game characters. Who cares if he calls a woman a bimbo in a video game? It’s not a woman, it’s fucking polygons you imbecile. You think a woman like Leah would marry the person you describe?


    1. Hey Mike, thanks for reading. I don’t know the specifics of Leah and Jason’s relationship, no clue how he treats her I hope it’s well.

      I hope you’ll take the time to read my updated piece about where I stand now, and hope you’ll take a more open and less toxic approach to commenting in the future 🙏


  17. More people find him funny rather than offensive, and if anyone is offended by his videos, they simply won’t watch his videos anymore, they don’t have to. I think it’s really unnecessary how you picked on someone who has worked hard for his videos instead of just ignoring his videos. If people like him, they like him. It shouldn’t really be any of your business, not mine either.


  18. I am sry I just gave to point is out htat you are this guy right now lolz 😛 😛 B===D + ({*})

    i ma pretty leftwing and pc and all that but you think Duney is those things? rly? Or is this a ploy to get readers on this site, is the only rsn i Kno of it. TBH. I think like TOSH.O it’s okay to say these things comedically or ironically and yer so anti-non pc that u almost come off like the things yer truying to etc..

    Tho tbh a lot of thses fans of his are fucking lame. And allofa suddens after reeding sum commez I identify less as a FAN in this sense and more offa… contemporary.

    I hope you see the point that Dunkey’s not qwite the problem, and an outsider like u and I he should be embraced; he’s got wit yo and azza pc lefty he into rap; real rap. He well read apprectiates science and pokemon and current event. Plz keepa correspondence goign cuz im looking fer reason to change but /I dont thnk watching the odd Dynky gona be it. I be strict anti-consumer comp. and tho i love avgn I hate the direction that channl went iont quitwe sme time ago, and has gotten worse with the NeckBeard Meadia Mafiosi hq’ing from his office -and- writing… nvm not rn. but luv u g and rememver,

    Rememver if u wanna ne a Dr. Nyron D’Egochella Kaine like innna vid uptop much love g. I respeck yo comintemnt yo.but speaking from a feloow p.c lefty queer wymyn rightz luvver I think pushing the PC thing as S.Baron Cohen so bril. points out-can bee a majah turn off for many and makes it worst whern we try to be netter.

    OLuv u G that just went on didnt it? anyways peace. Gedd back2me


  19. You’re an absolute fucking moron and a pathetic loser for typing all of this. How delusional can you be? I feel sorry for anyone who interacts with you ignorant little bitch.


  20. Your article didn’t convince me but the comments from the always online mongoloids sure did. Feel free to come back with a nice big fat “I told you so” in the comments when he’s inevitably cancelled for doing some fucked up shit like they all always do.


  21. Your article didn’t convince me but the comments from the always online mongoloids sure did. Feel free to come back with a nice big fat “I told you so” in the comments when he’s inevitably cancelled for doing some jacked up stuff like they all always do.


  22. Hey here’s some advice for you and other woman in the world. You aren’t and won’t ever be intelligent or funny. Stick a gun far up your backside and repeatedly shoot yourself for all of us. You could be a puddle of red mulched meat on the ground, and I would still find your existence just as useless and annoying. Please consider ridding us of your pathetic life. Thank you.


  23. Listen man I’m gay and I never found Dunkey saying “faggot” like once or twice offensive at all. Like do you not understand what a joke is? I make racist and sexist jokes all the time, doesn’t mean that I am those things. It’s just funny.


  24. You tried to portray him as a misogynist and you only made yourself look like a huge misogynist. Your 2 first on how he murders and beats women – How the hell are those examples of and violence against women in particular?

    Judging from those 2 examples, it seems like you want him to kill men in his videos but not women…? Dont you see how that is misogynistic of you? are you saying that women are weaker and are in need of extra mercy?

    Him killing/beating those women had nothing to do with their gender, he didn’t say anything about their gender or even hint anything about their gender before killing them. I didn’t even have to look at the rest of the examples, those first two are hilarious enough to know that you are talking out of your ass.

    You are pathetic


      1. I love you so much baby, you keep fighting these biggited fascists and maybe one day I’ll let you see my pooner. But only as long as my boyfriend says its okay. BTW he pawned the switch.

  25. how the fuck is dunkey going to a woman in bioshock, telling her “hey you’re ruining my jam!” and then killing her is sexist?


  26. This is one of the most outlandish articles I’ve read in my life haha. Unbelievably cherry picking, literally just trying to make someone look bad for no reason. Get a life. Oh someone killed a woman in a video game? Who cares. I


  27. “Oh muh god, i love dunkey now. he’s just like me!” Thanks Stephen! Imma go shoot up a canadian bitch now. Also steven universe sucks and the guy who made it is a pedo. welcome to the new world stephen, you made your shit bed and now we will all suffer for what you did. You’ll be seeing me very soon, and it wont be for cookies or cats.


  28. This is probably the lowest quality article I had read in a while. If your evidence are all based on little clips of his minutes of long videos, then you have lost the plot. first of all, your links leading to him ‘harassing woman’ ON A VIDEO GAME is stupidly funny. If we go by your logic, then people who kills characters in videogame are killers and have no value for life. Sounds so stupid right? Second, his channel is satire channel. This is not fact news content nor will it ever be. Why would you even take his contents seriously? Just like his style in playing games, he is just doing it for fun. No harm done. Third, your article is biased and are only picking out little moments out of hundreds of hours of content in order to represent your side? What is this? Kinder garten debate?

    This article feels like it is made for simp knights. No points of value nor points of importance. This article is just there to create bad reputation when there is not. is this the only type of article you are capable of making? Or are you doing this to make traffic for your website? Do you even have the permission to use Steven’s Universe signature title artsyle? are you really sure? cause if you want to accuse you are free to do so. as long as you know the consequences then it is very fine.


  29. Late but this post is some of the dumbest shit I’ve ever seen

    you get angry at him for murdering women in video game even though the game gives you power to and you get mad at him for showing something in a game?

    You get angry at him for saying the n word but he’s a black man so it’s ok. (I should say this is a joke I feel like I should point it out because you clearly don’t know what one is)

    you really think saying “gay ass mf” is a slur??? Calling something gay isn’t a slur

    Retarded isn’t a slur that’s it that’s the whole part

    I’m not gonna even go into him getting banned from lol cause I had at least 7 strokes reading that part but again that video was a joke and you also some how get women involved in it?

    This whole transphobia part is just stupid him calling elizabeth “erkel with tits” is A a joke and B him calling her erkel with tits not misgendering her just calling her that and same with the other one

    And all the other points you bring up can be responded to by things I’ve already said

    All of his videos is him portraying a character and is just the most like offensive version of him and you getting mad over it is just what pisses me off about the modern internet not every thing needs to be cancelled because of jokes that don’t even apply to you. You are a white Male probably straight and your getting all pissy and throwing a fit over this just learn to take a joke and fuck off


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