Introducing Stephan’s Universe

So Power Couple Productions is no more. As Yeezus once said, “They say people in your life are seasons, And anything that happens is for a reason.” Power Couple Productions was a season of this blog and it was a pretty awesome season too. We published a lot of articles I’m really proud of. A thorough analysis of everything wrong with former Kinda Funny co-host Colin Moriarty, a look into the sad state of AAA female characters and lots of really great interviews and reviews that I’m really proud of. Moving forward I’m taking on the writing and editing and this shift marks the start of Stephan’s Universe.

A play on Steven Universe, one of my favourite cartoons, this blog will represent a perspective on entertainment that has been shaped by my passion for social justice and my passion for games and movies. The tone will remain the same as it was before as I’m still writing all the posts, but the perspective will be just mine. That means I will be extra careful in asking others before penning different pieces that deal with especially sensitive topics. I hope it can stay a small avenue for good writing that challenges the unfortunately gross status quo in our media. Thanks for reading!

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