Telltale Put their Game ahead of their People

Telltale Games is effectively in full shut down, having laid off 250 employees this past week and cancelled almost all their current projects.

A skeleton crew of 25 people remain to fulfil a contract for Netflix, but every other developer was let go with 20 minutes notice and no severance.

The Walking Dead: The Final Season was cancelled before episode 2 of the 5 episode season was even released. But Telltale released a statement saying “multiple potential partners have stepped forward to express interest in helping see The Final Season through to completion.”

Many in the games industry were unimpressed and the backlash was fervourous:

While the major games publications were celebrating the announcement from Telltale Games, there was little to no discussion about what an insult this was to the hundreds of developers unceremoniously fired.

The videogame industry is an exploitative mess, and this Telltale story is just another example of how game studios, the gaming press and gamers value the games more than the lives of the people who pour their heart and souls into them.


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