Arby’s Really Loves Games

Something really weird and really awesome has been happening on the Arby’s Twitter lately. It seems an incredibly talented marketer is in charge and they’re doing beautiful things. Using pieces of Arby’s boxes, Arby’s sauce packets and anything else they can find, they have been making pictures of pieces and props from games or stop motion animations from games and sharing them to the Twittersphere. They’ve done stuff with video games, board and card games, it’s really quite wonderful and unique. Continue reading →

My ProtoTO Experience

This past weekend Roberto Durant (@RobertDurant173), Professor Nicholson (@snicholson) and I attended Toronto’s very first prototyping convention: ProtoTO. Held at BoardAgain games on Dundas St in Toronto, ProtoTO was a three-day prototyping convention meant for designers of all experiences and backgrounds to get invaluable playtesting feedback on their projects. It was an all around great experience, albeit quite a sweaty one. I had such a great experience I wanted to share it with those who couldn’t attend! Continue reading →