Awesome Games Made by One Person

It’s becoming a bit of a trend. Through the power of crowdfunding and readily available game-making tools with a very low barrier to entry games are able to be made by smaller and smaller teams. Sometimes a single person conceives a game, sees it through the countless hours of development and releases it to the world. These pure passion projects are becoming more and more prominent as they receive not only financial success but unprecedented critical acclaim. As these one person teams are making more critically acclaimed games loved by fans Continue reading →

Most Memorable Video Game Endings

Now I’m not one of those people who believes that the ending of a game is the be all and end all. The journey and the story are leaps and bounds more important, that’s where you’re going to spend the majority of your time anyway. I wasn’t one of those people who thought the ending of Mass Effect 3 was the worst thing in the world and completely overwrote the other 100 plus hours I’d spent with the series. That’s just dumb.

That being said, a game’s ending is often the point when a game goes from good to great. A bad ending can leave an unpleasant taste in the player’s mouth. It’s the last thing they’ll experience, the last thing the game had to show them. If a game had an amazing story with many memorable moments and a great build up to an ultimately disappointing ending you know that will stick with the player. They’ll remember all the great times they had with that game and then remember being disappointed Continue reading →

Undertale Review

Undertale is a role-playing game released for PC on September 15th, 2015. It was written, developed and composed by Toby Fox (@tobyfox) with additional art by Temmie Chang (@tuyoki). For more info check out the site. Screenshots taken by myself.

Trying to explain what makes Undertale special is like trying to explain why I enjoy looking at a beautiful sunset. It simply makes me happy. There is so little to be upset about, so little to raise up and shout “Here’s why it’s not good!” From the moment I fell into the world of monsters and walked out into the darkness there was an atmosphere of sincerity following me. The world wanted me to think about myself and my choices. The imperative was on me to explore and talk and work through what was happening. And I did. Continue reading →

My Ten Favourite Video Game Characters

Video game characters are meaningful to me for several reasons. They are the vessel through which I experience a story. They are a developed and thoughtful, providing me with a fresh exploration of the human condition. They are nostalgic, reminding me of a previous time in my life. One or more of all of these reasons apply to each character on my list. I hope you enjoy! Continue reading →

The Greatest Fight in Undertale

Minor spoilers for Undertale.

There are so many delightful fights in Undertale that shake up the traditional RPG system that has defined the genre for decades. Undertale makes each fight a story. It takes each fight as an opportunity to create a meaningful character. The greatest fight in Undertale isn’t the last one. It isn’t the one where major characters can die or where the fate of the underworld is determined. The greatest fight in Undertale is actually a love story.

There are two knights, members of the Royal Guard. Both of them are the same shape and size wearing the same armour. Guard number one talks like a stereotypical bro. He says stuff like “We, like, totally have to kill you bro” and Continue reading →